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Scheduled Services

Whether you have one small package to deliver every Tuesday or a complex dedicated daily route system, Action Delivery can deliver Where you need it. When you need it.

Individual recurring delivery needs may include:

Morning Mail Pickup
 Inter office mail/documents
Bank Deposits
Evening Mail delivery

Specialized Route Systems may include customized options to meet the needs of:

Medical Facilities
Financial Institutions
 Supply Chains
Distribution Networks
Retail & Wholesale delivery

Action Delivery provides
automated and consistent service on all scheduled services. Typically, you will have the same professional courier to handle your delivery work every day. This helps build strong relations at delivery points and ensures consistent service. Trained backup drivers help ensure that your delivery work is completed accurately even when you normal courier is out sick or on vacation.

Documentation and Record Keeping options allow our couriers to maintain complete records and proof of delivery information. Route manifests and paper work options can be customized to meet each clients individual needs for tracking and retention.

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