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Dedicated Driver Leasing

Action Delivery can provide dedicated drivers and vehicles to replace your company operated delivery system. Available vehicle options include cars, vans, straight trucks, and CDL equipment including tractor/trailer and flat beds. Many benefits can be gained by outsourcing your delivery program such as:

Eliminate liability exposure
You are not responsible for any potential accident or injury claims.

To reduce or control operating costs
When all internal costs & risks are added up, savings are worthwhile.

Make capital funds available
You will not have capital funds tied up in delivery equipment.

Improve service capabilities
Outside providers have more flexibility & resources to provide delivery service.

Improve focus on core business
You can focus on your business, not delivery related tasks

If you would like to investigate outsourcing your company’s delivery work, Action Delivery would be glad to answer any questions. We have a cost worksheet available for you to analyze you current program cost.

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